3 people injured after shots fired in the Groveland area of Bulloch Co.

3 people injured after shots fired in the Groveland area of Bulloch Co.

BULLOCH CO., Ga. (WTOC) - The Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after three people were injured after shots were fired in the Groveland community on Wednesday.

Deputies say they responded to the scene of a fight where there were reports of gunshots.

They believe all parties involved knew each other. Sheriff Noel Brown says this all started with an argument on Facebook that got other people involved and they’re the ones that ended up shot and injured.

Deputies and EMS got to Old Groveland Road Wednesday evening and found two people shot and a third man beaten. Investigators say they’re questioning the three and believe they’re the only people directly involved.

They say there is no suspect on the loose and the public isn’t in any danger. The sheriff says the shooting and the injuries could have been avoided, along with likely criminal charges.

“Call us. Reach out to us. Let us come by and mediate or help you in any way we can. But for God sakes, do not let something happen this way,” he said.

All three people were taken to the hospital with what the sheriff’s office believes is non-life threatening injuries.

Sheriff Brown noted they’re still sorting out exactly what happened and charges against multiple people are pending.

We asked if they’re seeing more calls about disputes or arguments with people who’ve been sheltered in place for weeks at a time. He said they haven’t seen the spike we might expect and they’re trying to mediate with people to avoid arrests over minor things.

But he reiterated to contact the sheriff’s office and don’t take matters into your own hands.

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