Bluffton physical therapy clinic maintains treatment with virtual physical therapy

Bluffton physical therapy clinic maintains treatment with virtual physical therapy

BLUFFTON, S.C. (WTOC) -Most businesses have had to do things differently during the COVID-19 pandemic if only to account for social distancing protocols.

That includes a Bluffton physical therapy clinic that has turned to technology to continue serving clients while they might not be seeing them.

Drayer Physical Therapy has all the tools to treat clients at this time.

With telehealth PT sessions recently approved in South Carolina, Drayer has started offering virtual visits to help people recover from injuries. p

“I don’t think we as physical therapists ever thought this would be an option,” says Just Cheesman, clinical coordinator at Drayer Physical Therapy. "We’re a very hands-on professional. If anything, it has caused us to get pretty inventive. It’s amazing what you can do with a can of corn. you don’t necessarily need that dumbell or that kettlebell. Most of what we do is off of visual inspection anyway. How do they walk, how do they stand, how do they squat, kneel. So, we really have a lot of the capabilities that we have here, We just miss that human interaction.

But at a time when we are supposed to be limiting interaction, virtual physical therapy does not limit treatment.

“We have the full ability to demonstrate to them on screen and they can see it live, in real-time," said Cheesman. "So, the ability to demonstrate is still there, which is really the beauty of telehealth. It’s more than a phone call. It’s an interactive video and an allocated segment of time.”

The virtual sessions have been especially popular with people who have recently had surgery and don't want to go into a clinic.

Cheesman says his company plans to continue offering them even after the pandemic has ended.

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