Bryan County principal reflects on unnatrual end to school year

Bryan County principal reflects on unnatrual end to school year
A Bryan County school bus. (Source: wtoc)

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - For students in Bryan County, this week marks the last week of E-learning as students and faculty prepare for a much needed break.

Bryan County Middle School Principal Elizabeth Raeburn said, though it was a challenge not being able to physically see students, they were still able to create content and keep students engaged. They're feeling proud of what they have been able to accomplish in the midst of a pandemic.

Raeburn said though the end of the school year seemed bleak at first with so many unknowns, once teachers and faculty got their footing, they never skipped a beat. She said as they wrap up a year they will never forget, they're excited for what the future holds.

She said it was team effort from the superintendent, down to teachers, students and even parents doing their part.

"I think in the beginning, when we first started the E-learning process, there were just so many unknowns and we really didn't even know what the state of our world was going to be. But as we got into a groove and as teachers found their footing on developing content and creating these awesome, interactive, blended experiences students really got excited about learning. I think really something that's really blossomed for us has been we always say in teaching, every teacher you've ever talked to will talk to will talk about relationships and how much they matter, well when you are faced with a situation like this relationships couldn't matter more,” Raeburn said.

Raeburn said in the fall they plan to use a lot of the techniques and exercises they’ve used in the E-learning process physically in the classroom.

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