Savannah Police report positive feedback on remote reporting

Savannah Police report positive feedback on remote reporting

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Despite Governor Brian Kemp’s plans to re-open the state, Lieutenant Max Nowinsky with Savannah Police says the department will continue to operate as it has been.

That includes the remote reporting center, which began a little over a month ago in response to the pandemic.

That center allows you to make a police report over the phone or video conference.

Lieutenant Nowinsky serves as the program manager and says they're weighing the option of keeping the center up and running even after the pandemic ends.

That’s because of all the positive feedback they’ve been hearing from the public.

“Our very early feedback has all been very positive," says Nowinsky. "The first few people we actually communicated with using the new system actually liked it because they said it was convenient. They didn’t have to wait for an officer to respond. They said they liked the fact that it was easy to set up, all we had to do was text them or email them the link to the conference or we called them directly and they really appreciated that. The officers and supervisors working in the center are really the ones who have made it successful. They’ve had a very positive attitude, they’ve taken to the new assignment and they’ve done a great job.”

SPD also tracks the community's response to the community's new program through stats. Lieutenant Nowinsky says the number of people who chose not to file their report remotely, either through phone or video conference, has stayed pretty low. He says the week before last, only 5 people refused this option.

The most recent set of statistics, shared last Thursday, shows that 1,060 contacts and calls for service have been handled through the remote system since the program began.

5300 contacts have been avoided by police assuming that the average person has 5 contacts with people over two weeks.

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