South Carolina restaurants slowly reopen

South Carolina restaurants slowly reopen

BLUFFTON, S.C. (WTOC) -South Carolina restaurants are now allowed to open up to 50% capacity and outdoor seating. The decision that is being left up to the owners is different for everyone, with some choosing to not open.

Local Pie and Agave Side-Car sit side-by-side in Bluffton, but the two are operating differently.

“Not right now," said server Zac Edri. "I think we are going to wait a week or two.”

“So tomorrow we are opening to 50% seating on downstairs and upstairs.,“ said Bailey Carter at Local Pie.

At Agave Side Car, it just makes sense.

“We are going to wait about a week or two to open back up because we are mainly outdoor seating,” Edri says.

They’re focused on getting back into the swing of things and staying outdoors

“So last week was our first opening in over a month and it was pretty slammed. “

And making sure they are taking precautions

“Our staff in the back always wears masks, gloves and whenever we are interacting with food or delivering it to customers. “

Something Local Pie is also dealing with to make sure their customers will be safe.

“Well we’ve just had to work out like spacing and stuff because it’s a really small space,” says Carter.

This means they won’t have many customers- but it’s best for everyone.

“I think we are going to have about four seats downstairs and we haven’t really worked out the upstairs yet,” she says.

The restaurants say they are focused on doing what’s best for their customers while making the best business decisions and they’re excited to get things back to normal.

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