Saddle Bags Savannah adjusting to extended closure

The bar & live concert venue was prepared to open at the end of May before announcement from Governor

Saddle Bags Savannah adjusting to extended closure

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Saddle Bags in downtown Savannah is not only a bar but it also doubles as a live music venue.

So, you’d think Governor Brian Kemp’s decision to keep them closed would be a big hit to their bottom line.

However, as it turns out this extension is actually something they were prepared for and seem to agree with.

“We don’t want our customers to be devalued over the profit. I’d rather they be safe than us making the few extra dollars we would by opening a few weeks early,” said Saddle Bags Marketing Director Jay Trikha.

In fact, they had already made the decision to remain closed until the end of the month.

But that doesn’t mean they haven’t been impacted by the shutdowns.

“We had a concert at the end of the month, Cadillac Three were going to be here, we had to move that concert to October,” said Trikha.

One of many concerts they’ve had to postpone or cancel all together.

And even once they can host concerts again.

“Most agencies are not going to start taking bookings until August,” Trikha says.

But like many, they’ll adapt.

“So, for the first couple months it’s going to be more local music or DJs.”

While it may mean they don’t see as big of crowds right away, Trikah says, that’s okay.

“We don’t want it to be overcrowded. We’re going to keep the social distancing going just to avoid any possible relapse into the coronavirus situation.”

A situation it seems Saddle Bags is taking in stride looking forward to the return of their customers and for more soothing tune to echo down River Street

Trikah did tell WTOC they have still been hosting live music events on Facebook every Friday and they’ve set up ways for you to leave a tip which the split between their bar tenders and security staff.

As far as reopening Trikha says they’ll be ready to go be June 1.

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