SCCPSS holds first set of virtual graduation ceremonies

SCCPSS holds first set of virtual graduation ceremonies

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - After COVID-19 shut down schools, districts scrambled to make sure they could still celebrate the Class of 2020.

Wednesday, Savannah-Chatham County School System got a chance to do just that with their first four virtual graduations.

“You have shown us all how to show joy under duress and grace under uncertainty,” said Dr. Dionne Hoskins Brown, SCCPSS Board Member. “Congratulations to the Jenkins High School Class of 2020, a class of true Warriors.”

It’s a day they’ll never forget.

“I feel great,” said Viren Mirchandari, Jenkins High School graduate. “Oh my gosh, it’s an immense feeling.”

But instead of walking across the stage they sat in their living room for this momentous day.

“Congratulations to the most resilient Class of 2020,” said Dr. Ann Levett, SCCPSS Superintendent. “I’ve not confirmed it yet, but I believe you must be the class who has weathered the most storms in recent history.”

Together they endured Hurricane Matthew, tornados, snow and now a global pandemic.

“It’s not walking across the stage,” explained Viren Mirchandani, Valedictorian, Jenkins High School. “It’s not the same experience, but I am just grateful that we were able to get something instead of nothing. We are all going through a difficult time and you know we all have to adjust to the circumstances.”

Viren is Jenkins High School’s valedictorian, a title he earned after four years of hard work. He watched his graduation speech and ceremony with family, while texting friends. A unique way to celebrate the conclusion of their high school career.

“Even though we’re going through such difficult times you know don’t give up and learn to become stronger from this experience,” said Mirchandani.

Jenkins principal Heather Handy says this class is one of a kind and will go down in history for their warrior spirit.

“I’m just proud of the class of 2020,” said Heather Handy, Hirschel V. Jenkins Principal. “There’s moments being an educator that you reflect and you think back and I today for a lot of reasons was extremely proud and I wish the class of 2020 the very best.”

Viren, Jenkins High School’s valedictorian says he intends to head to Georgia Tech this fall to study computer science, but those plans are uncertain as COVID-19 continue to impact the education world. It’s just another example to prove how resilient and flexible the Class of 2020 is.

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