SCCPSS holds first virtual graduation

SCCPSS holds first virtual graduation

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools kicked off their first round of virtual graduations for the class of 2020 Wednesday.

“Although we weren’t together, still being able to be together in spirit really made the day," said Mariah George, Early College Valedictorian.

Mariah George is the Valedictorian for the Savannah Early College Class of 2020.

Instead of walking across the stage this year, she watched her graduation online with loved ones.

"Even if we weren’t able to have the ceremony in the way that we have had it in all the years past, and the way that we just had today, I don’t feel like that takes away at all from the amount of work that we’ve done.”

She is just one of many Savannah Chatham-County Public School students who graduated virtually.

George says transitioning to online classes was difficult. She says she wouldn’t have made this far without the support of the community.

“This city, this county, has raised me basically and that’s the reason why I was able to become valedictorian of Savannah Early College”

She also says her teachers and classmates made her high school experience memorable and wants to leave the Class of 2020 with this simple message.

“Everything that’s going on in the world right now, that doesn’t dim the light that shines on our class and this achievement of graduation.”

Mariah will be attending Fisk University in the fall and plans on becoming a social worker and child advocate lawyer.

Virtual graduations continue Thursday with New Hampstead at 10 a.m. Followed by Savannah High, Johnson High then Islands High.

Then Friday it’s Savannah Arts Academy , Woodville-Tompkins and Windsor Forest.

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