Darien church helping those in need receive food

Darien church helping those in need receive food

DARIEN, Ga. (WTOC) - For the United Methodist Church of Darien, it doesn’t matter what religion you practice, they just want to make sure the elderly and at-risk communities are being fed during this tough time.

Thursday is the church’s fifth food distribution event, handing out around 200 baskets of food.

The coordinator said due to the pandemic, more people need food, yet don’t have the means to get it. This is where the church’s emergency food program steps in.

Every person who signs up receives a basket of food, donated by Second Harvest food bank. It’s also delivered to them by volunteers, even Darien Police and McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Project Coordinator Ad Poppell says it’s been a big project to undertake, but he knows the need is great in the community.

“We want to reduce the contact these folks have. We don’t want them getting sick. We’re sending a strong message to them by taking this food to their porches, sitting it on their doorstep, knocking on it, taking a couple steps back, honking the horn and saying ‘Hey, here is our gift to you,’” Poppell said.

The church is also offering free lunches to the public every Tuesday at noon at United Methodist Church of Darien, 201 Franklin Street.

To sign up for food baskets, call Ad Poppell at (912) 223-4470.

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