New charges in New Year’s Eve assault case

New charges in New Year’s Eve assault case

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - New charges have been filed in the case of a New Year’s Eve assault.

Bruce Helmly died as a result of the incident which has now been ruled a homicide.

Helmly is remembered by his loved ones as a larger than life hero.

“He was just a fun guy everybody loved him,” Bruce’s daughter Jessica Richard said.

His daughter said the past five months have been difficult. Helmly was at Basil’s on Wilmington Island when police say he was punched. Helmly refused medical care but the next day lost consciousness and later died.

An autopsy revealed he died of a subdural hematoma due to the assault. Police had already arrested Charles Alexander Jacobson Teeple, IV, but now he is charged with murder, aggravated assault and elder abuse.

“You have to look at the evidence based on the totality of the circumstances and through the evidence gathering, and again and only after consulting with our partners in the DA’s office, we come to the conclusion that the best charge at this time are the three charges that were filed yesterday,” Chatham County Police Department Capt. Gene Harley said.

Richard said the news of these new charges brought some relief in their grief.

“The fact that something is going to be done about it has definitely brought a little bit more peace rather than this just feeling in your stomach like are they going to do anything about it. Is it just, are they going to get away with it? Did he die in vain? I mean all these,” Richard said.

She said they are frustrated with how COVID-19 has impacted the case but are hopeful for justice.

Teeple turned himself in to police on Thursday, May 14.

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