Taking a Pure Hygiene pledge in Savannah

Taking a Pure Hygiene pledge in Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - With all the news and information on how to battle coronavirus, things can get confusing. A group from Savannah is trying to keep it simple, and it starts with a basic commitment.

“So, a movement is going to start today in Savannah, Georgia, and these are my allies,” Mario De La Guardia said.

De La Guardia has found a passion, and friends to help get his message out there.

“Consider a new way to touch in public, to reduce germs, doesn’t it make sense? It’s simple. The message is out there, but it’s not simple and easy in a pledge.”

He made that pledge this week with friends from Savannah in the medical and business community standing with him.

De La Guardia comes from over a forty year career in the beauty industry, dealing with salons and barbershops, and says he never thought he’d see a day like this coming affecting the industry. But he is also looking to help charities, and believes he’s found a unique way to let those pledging have input. One of the organizations already slated for free sanitizer is The Old Savannah City Mission.

“This is a creative way, I don’t know if anyone has ever tried this, but we’re going to have about one hundred people pick their favorite charities and we’re going to let them decide, not us. Not us giving it to one organization, we’re going to let a hundred points of light out there, in Georgia.”

The three basics are a reminder of what you’ve heard. Avoid touching things in public, if you must, sanitize before and after, and always clean your hands before you touch your eyes, nose and throat. But it’s also about working together.

“It’s time for us to try to work together in unity, that’s the important thing. This message is about unity, it’s about compassion for others, it’s by strategically touching and knowing what you’re getting in to by touching.”

“This is your choice, if you feel so compelled, pledge hygiene, pledge a higher level of hygiene. Everyone I’ve spoken to says, great idea, great idea, so let’s see if it really is, let’s see if others actually join in, that’s what I’m hoping.”

From Savannah, De La Guardia hit the road to Statesboro, Albany then on to Atlanta, looking to spread his simple message.

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