Community comes together to provide free meals to Effingham Hospital staff

Free meals offer reminder to all hospital workers that they’re not alone

Community comes together to provide free meals to Effingham Hospital staff

SPRINGFIELD, Ga. (WTOC) - This week was Hospital Week, a chance to celebrate all our healthcare workers.

Something that may be especially important right now.

Friday in Effingham County, local businesses and organizations teamed up to provide free meals to hospital staff.

A gift that in reality was much bigger than the box it came in.

“This week is hospital week. It’s a nationally recognized week where we celebrate and thank our healthcare workers,” said Effingham Health Systems Foundation Development Coordinator Jessica Griffin.

And what better way to do that, than with some free food? Of course, to make it all a reality meant some much-needed support from the community.

Support that wasn’t on short supply.

“No there truly wasn’t,” responded Griffin when asked how hard it was to find support.

Something that isn’t uncommon in Effingham County but still speaks volumes about those who live there.

“It says that they believe in our healthcare system. It says that they’re here for us,” Griffin added.

To some it may not seem like much.

But to those who got a free meal today, it was exactly the reminder they needed.

“It just shows, helps to show them how much everybody out there appreciates everything that they’re doing, and it just gives them that extra push to do more,” said Director of Nursing Med. Surg. Jennifer Floyd as she picked up food to bring back to her staff.

Plus, who doesn’t love Chick-fil-A?

“They can’t wait till I get back to the office to bring it to them,” chuckled Floyd.

While it was a great week to celebrate our hospital workers Jennifer reminds us there’s still a long road ahead.

But one we can all get through, together.

“Please hang in there with us. We’re going to need your support through the summer and fall because we are not out of the woods with the COVID-19 crisis so, continue to rally around the hospital. Continue to think of our healthcare workers and we truly appreciate you all,” said Griffin.

In total they were able to hand out 250 meals Friday to the staff at Effingham Hospital.

For more information on how you can donate to keep this support going year round head over to their website.

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