Food bank prepares to serve kids through summer

Food bank prepares to serve kids through summer

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - About 4,000 hot meals are prepared every week day in the kitchen of America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia.

"We want to make sure this continues, and we'll be doing this all the way through July," said Mary Jane Crouch, Chief Executive America's Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia.

That need will grow even more next week because the school meal program is now closed for the summer.

Logistically, the kitchen can serve up to 10,000 hot meals a day. A simple machine recently purchased seals each hot meal to help speeds up the process.

But there have been setbacks during the pandemic.

Mainly, disruptions to the food supply chain, which has made some items more difficult to find.

That’s meant most of the food that used to be donated now must be purchased.

"We are adapting our staff is great at adapting,” Crouch said. “We all laugh that logistics is the number one thing you need to know at the food bank right now."

Some things hard to come by these days - milk for the kids.

It's something for which the food bank is having to pay a premium.

With options scarce, it spent over $70,000 to secure a truck load of organic milk. That was the only thing available.

"That's a lot of money. But it's a lot of meals we're going to be able to give out to children. So, this funding is going to be able to make sure we reach those needs and the kids."

The funding needed right now is $150,000.

If the food bank can raise that amount of cash this month, a generous donor will match that amount.

You can donate directly to the organization :

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