Local student competes in video nationals

Local student competes in video nationals

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - There’s a lot of people who really had big plans ruined by the shutdown from the coronavirus, but it’s not stopping one local student.

Nikolai Aksenov was set for a trip to Utah for a national video competition but he’ll have to settle for staying in Savannah for now and just sending in his entry in for the national competition.

The Jenkins graduate finished fourth in the state in the Digital Video Production Competition.

“I was definitely honored to find out that I won, after putting in all the hard work it really paid off to see that something like that happened. I was impressed with it,” said Aksenov.

His placing video was a project advertising a made-up airline company, in this case, it’s Aks Airline. He had to do everything, write, shoot, and edit video, for a company he made up for a winning video.

“I don’t think there is anything defining good. I think a quality video is one that can make you laugh, can give you information, can make you feel good from being a pretty video. Good is subjective, but as long as you can make somebody happy, I think it’s a good video,” Aksenov said.

Aksenov’s love of video came from his passion for cars. He started shooting videos involving automobiles then expanded into making incredible videos on family vacations. Now that family time has grown into an internet cooking show with his mom.

“I think it’s the overall experience of happy family time, so we want to promote happiness with everything we do, so taking away from this with my mom...it’s a cool experience that we can show we’re cooking together and we’re kind of mixing our passions together, and I think that’s really the beauty of it and taking two of our passions, putting them together and promoting this idea that we love,” explained Aksenov.

They now have about 200 followers on the Vegan cooking show, which is called VEGAKS. You can see all of his work and his mom’s vegan cooking show on his YouTube Channel here.

As for Aksenov’s future, he’s headed to the University of Georgia with his sights set on business school.

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