Richmond Hill High School holds first virtual graduation ceremony

Richmond Hill High School holds first virtual graduation ceremony

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) -Seniors at Richmond Hill High School finished strong Saturday morning, completing a school year that will go down in history.

It was a unique first and last experience for seniors at Richmond Hill school as they had their very first virtual graduation ceremony and their last moments as a high school student.

“I think it can be said that none of us quite expected this,” said Valedictorian Joseph Lewis Belfied. “Maybe you’re watching this speech from the comfort of your house, maybe you’re watching this speech from your car as you wait to receive your diploma, but either way I don’t think anyone anticipated our graduation to pan out this way.

For Belfield and many other student leaders, this year is one that will be memorable is so many ways.

“Class of 2020, I want you to take a second and just think about a word that you could use to describe our class, for me the one word I would use to describe us would be resilient," said Salutatorian Kyle Fang. “Our class has faced a multitude of challenges from Hurricanes Michael and Matthew, to COVID-19.”

As many of them move on to the next chapter in their lives.

”This year’s graduates will move past this year stronger and with passion with a greater drive than any class to graduate before us," Belfield said.

They couldn’t help but to thank those who played instrumental roles throughout their high school years.

“We shall not forget that first day 13 years ago that started it all, thank you for helping us get here today as we truly would not be here without you," said senior Isabella Martinez.

Closing a chapter that will forever go down in history.

“As your superintendent, I am honored to stand before the Richmond Hill high school senior class of 2020, as you navigate an unprecedented, worldwide pandemic and experience a once in a lifetime graduation ceremony," said Bryan County Schools superintendent Dr. Paul Brooksher. “With the authority vested in me by the Bryan County Board of Education and state of Georgia, I hereby proclaim the persons before me are graduates of Richmond Hill high school with all the rights, privileges, and honors appertaining to you."

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