Close contact businesses reopening in South Carolina

Close contact businesses reopening in South Carolina

SOUTH CAROLINA (WTOC) - Close contact businesses are finally able to re-open in South Carolina. Monday businesses all over Beaufort County got back to work and saw their clients for the first time in months.

If you haven’t been able to get your nails done that is changing for the first time in nearly two months. Nail salons, barber shops, and other close contact businesses are back open for business.

“We are extremely busy and I am so excited to get back to work after what, I shut it down for two months already," said Mike Tran, owner of Finger Tips.

“Very exciting that we can be back open and, it’s a new different thing but we are managing," said Brent Nelson, owner of Barbers of the Lowcountry.

Many adapting new methods of keeping customers safe.

“We don’t allow but two customers in here at a time. That’s our preference. And we don’t let the customers wait, we prefer them to wait in the car or something like that.”

While trying to move forward after losing months of revenue.

“We just have to to take you know it is what it is. You know so we just we work as hard as we could and now we come back.”

Money they think they will never quite be able to get back.

“We will never make up for that.”

For Barbers of the Lowcountry, they are seeing a boom in business. A normal week might have 500 appointments. This week they have over 700. They are adapting as best they can.

“Our hours and our days, we are working Monday through Friday from seven in the morning to eight at night and Saturdays seven in the morning to six at night and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.”

A workload that is exciting barbers who have been out of commission. They are excited to reestablish those relationships that they haven’t seen in months.

“Some of you waited, some of you are coming to us to fix home jobs, so thank you.”

They say they just want to continue their work and keep clients safe while doing so.

Close contact businesses reopening in South Carolina

Senator Lindsey Graham got in on the day of re-openings by getting a haircut. Graham posted that video on twitter.

“I’m pumped, the coaches are pumped, it’s like heaven. It’s like re-opening from our start day again.”

Martin Catalioto is the owner of Crossfit843 in Bluffton.

He says his crossfit gym has been closed since St. Patrick's Day and is happy to be back together with coaches and members.

“There’s nothing like having these doors open. The music loud, the energy up, and just people excited to be back and get back into our healthy lifestyle.”

“We have 10 x 10 boxes laid out for every one of our members, we also have 12 x 12 boxes with 2 feet buffer in between each square, in addition we have sanitizers at every station, we have our equipment pre-labeled at each station.”

Catalioto also says they're sanitizing equipment before and after each use, have smaller classes and personal boxes for items and equipment.

On Hilton Head Island, Crown & Anchor Barbershop says their first day back has been busy.

“Customers are a little bit more aggressive to get haircuts right now. It’s been two months. They just really want to feel better in a time where not everybody feels good, not everyone’s comfortable," co-owner Joseph Dinovo.

And reopening means more cleaning and sanitation.

“We’ve been changing capes out for each customer. sanitizing, throwing things away that don’t need to be touched by any other person, wiping down each seat, making sure that the person feels comfortable,” said Dinovo.

Dinovo also says they’re not taking walk ins, keeping a safe distance between each station and reducing capacity in their speakeasy connected to the shop.

Both Catalioto and Dinovo say they want to make sure their customers are comfortable and are glad to be back open for business.

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