Curbside service part of Pink House’s first step to full reopening

Curbside service part of Pink House’s first step to full reopening

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Like most of the country, Savannah is coming back slowly from the shutdown due to COVID-19.

A lot of businesses are returning in stages. That includes one of the Historic District’s signature restaurants, which is partially back but also taking its time.

The Olde Pink House will officially reopen for inside dining on May 25th. In the meantime, they’re making sure that customers can still enjoy the restaurant’s delicious food without stepping inside.

“For us, being able to serve our guests any way we could, makes us excited,” said General Manager Craig Jeffress. “So, it’s been a great week.”

Although presently unable to offer inside dining, the Pink House is among the restaurants taking some time to fully re-open. They started last week with curbside takeout service as a way to reconnect with staff and regular customers.

“They get that smile, they get that thank you, they get their food and they head out the door, every day is more normal, but when I say normal, with the new normal,” said Jeffress. “When I see familiar faces, that’s normal. Those familiar faces are behind a mask, but that’s ok, I know who’s behind that mask, so that still makes me happy.”

Things will become a little more normal next week when guests are able to really return to one of Savannah’s favorite date places.

“We’re excited to see people sitting in our amazing 249-year old mansion again,” Jeffress says. “It’s important for us to get there, responsibly. And that’s what’s most important about this, we’re closed for a very, very good reason, and rushing to reopen is not something we’re considering. We want to do everything the right way, every hotel and restaurant is faced with the challenge. We first have to embrace it and see what the first step is and take it.”

The Pink House is offering its full menu for lunch and dinner pick-up service. Jeffress says their famous crispy scoured flounder has been the most popular dish.

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