Ga. companies making PPE for businesses

Ga. companies making PPE for businesses

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As stores begin to reopen, many business owners are searching for protective equipment to keep staff and customers safe. There are over 220 companies in Georgia ready to help.

The state has put together a list of companies that have signed up to help businesses get PPE.

Many of these companies have retooled their machines to manufacture items like face shields, gloves, masks and hand sanitizer. There are nine Savannah companies on the list.

“When we saw a need, that’s when we said 'okay we have to do something. And to be able to help out, individuals and businesses to get back to work as fast as possible, we knew we had to do something," said Matt Lyda, President of Business Development with Nine Line Apparel.

Nine Line Apparel President of Business Development Matt Lyda says they’ve been making masks and face coverings since March.

He also says a majority of their business has been focused on distributing them to the community and businesses like hotels, bars, restaurants, barbers and hairstylists throughout the area.

“This mask, tens of thousands already, that we have sold on these. And a couple million on the face coverings so we’ve been able to really supply the community and businesses with PPE, something we never thought we would ever do.”

Ghost Coast Distillery has made over 2,500 cases of hand sanitizer since March and reaching areas as far away as Glynn County and Atlanta.

“It was an easy pivot. We just changed some other Ingredients that we normally do for consumable alcohol and went straight to cleaning people’s hands and keeping them safe," said Chris Sywassink, General Manager of Ghost Coast Distillery.

Sywassink says they’ve provided hand sanitizer for hotels, restaurants, first responders like the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, non-profits like the Rape Crisis Center, and more.

“Children’s Hospital in Atlanta, doctors offices here, in and around the area, dentist, you name it, anybody who’s seen people that are coming in are really asking for sanitizers so we can get it to them so they can stay as safe as possible and still live as normal of life in these times as we can.”

Please click here to see the list of businesses and an interactive map showing the locations. The state says it will continue to update the list.

If your company can help with supplies and would like to be included on the Georgia Supplies list, please click here.

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