Bicycle business booming as people look for outside activities

Bicycle business booming as people look for outside activities

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - With the COVID-19 pandemic putting a damper on many things, a high demand for bicycles has kept bike shops busy.

With more people wanting to get outside, owners at Hill on Wheels in Richmond Hill say they've seen more people wanting to connect with family through cycling. It's not just wanting to connect with family, but also trying to stay in shape.

"We've obviously seen that big box stores don't have inventory right now so with that we had inventory and people that maybe wouldn't come into a bike shop have now started to step into that atmosphere,” Hill on Wheels co-owner Ryan Peters said.

Peters said some many think of bike riding as a thing of the past, but for them, business has been booming. Before walking into their shop, there are signs prompting people on where to stand and what to do, all things Peters said are required by the CDC.

"We wipe down. We've got antibacterial wipes, our team has masks, we have signs on the door so that we're limiting the capacity of our store and we're roughly 3,000 square feet, so that kind of caps us at about 10 people in the store at one time; that includes our staff,” Peters said.

He said though it hasn't been easy staying open through the pandemic; they were fortunate enough to ride it out.

"It's definitely tested our systems. I think, in a good way, that it's helped us figure out some of our vulnerabilities,” he said.

Peters said they couldn’t have stayed afloat without the community’s support.

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