Guyton and Pooler taking different approaches to reopening

Cities aren’t taking cookie-cutter approach to reopening following pandemic

Guyton and Pooler taking different approaches to reopening

GEORGIA (WTOC) - There may not be two cities more different than Pooler and Guyton.

From population to location and now how the cities are reopening following the coronavirus pandemic. Both gearing their plans towards what they feel fits them and their citizens best.

“I mean you have to pick a date. You just don’t know if it will work out or not. But, so far, so good,” Pooler Mayor Rebecca Benton said.

That date for Pooler was Monday. City Hall reopening to the public, but not without some necessary restrictions.

Getting a temperature check at the door. Along with asking each visitor numerous questions related the possible exposure to COVID-19. They’ve also limited visitors down to three at a time.

Once inside, you’ll notice social distancing markers and protective shields have been added as well All these changes giving the city the confidence to do what they felt it was right for everyone.

“We felt that we should open, because it was time, because people were getting antsy and we needed to conduct business,” Mayor Benton said.

Meanwhile up in Effingham County, the City of Guyton also picking a date, sort of.

“The June 1 date in tentative,” Guyton Mayor Russ Deen said.

That date to reopen City Hall and some city parks was voted on last week. But as Mayor Deen explained, they’re remaining flexible.

“We’re trying to play it by ear, I mean, trying to set everything in stone is just not going to work," Mayor Deen said.

Even if they do decide to reopen by that date, don’t expect it to go back to the way it was before.

“I don’t think getting back to old normal is the way to look at it. I think the June 1 date sets us up for a time for the new normal,” said Mayor Deen.

But of course, this new normal will look a little different for everyone.

“You got to tailor it to each city’s response and each city’s needs and just try to do the best you can. I think that’s across the board, not just city wise. It comes back to all of us just need to work at moving forward but doing it cautiously and safely,” said Mayor Deen.

Mayor Deen says Guyton City Council will continue to do teleconferences for their meetings for the time being.

While Pooler plans on holding their first in-person council meeting since the pandemic on June 1.

Also, in Pooler, they plan on opening their court back up on June 16.

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