Candidates vying to fill state senate seat left by Jack Hill

Candidates vying to fill state senate seat left by Jack Hill

GEORGIA (WTOC) - Candidates for the state senate seat left by the late Jack Hill took their message to voters by Facebook.

Scott Bolke, a physician from Brooklet, says much of lawmakers' focus will be on recovering from the pandemic.

“Because of this virus, I think whatever the new normal becomes it's going to be a lot different after this is over,” Bolke said.

Statesboro accountant Billy Hickman says a key to the recovery is bringing more and better jobs to the area.

“For every county in our district, per capita income is below the state average. I don't know about you, but I don't want to be average or below average. We need to be above average,” Hickman said.

Attorney and former judge Katy Palmer, from Swainsboro, says the district must also protect its biggest industry: agriculture.

“We have a lot of row crops, livestock, and commodities like pecans, things like that,” Palmer said.

Army veteran Neil Singleton, of Tattnall County, says he's running as a political outsider.

“I'm the only candidate who's pledged not to take a salary. I refuse to take a salary and I've refused all lobbyist's donation,” Singleton said.

Jared Sammons, a recent law school graduate from Emanuel County, is running as an independent.

“What's transpired over the past few decades within both parties is that the extremes have basically taken them over,” Sammons said.

Some voters will actually cast two votes for the Fourth Senate District seat. They'll choose between all five candidates to see who'll serve the rest of Jack Hill's term through the end of the year. Those who vote in the Republican primary will also choose among the four GOP candidates to see who their party’s nominee in November will be to seek a new term for 2021 through 2022.

The special election will take place the same day as the state primaries, June 9.

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