Local dentist stresses importance of maintaining checkups

Local dentist stresses importance of maintaining checkups,

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -With so many people at home the last few months, many doctors and dentist’s offices have been empty, but it’s important to keep up with those very important checkups. The owner of Godley Station Dental explains how dentists are adapting during the pandemic and why you can’t fall behind on your health.

“We had a unique situation none of us have seen in 100 years. so we had to take a step back and decide what the most important aspect was, the first and foremost is we still have to be there for the emergency patients," said Dr. Matthew Allen, owner of Godley Station Dental. “The big thing is communication is key. We don’t know your level of apprehension is unless you let us know.”

Dr. Allen says its especially important to make sure you’re keeping up with your kid’s appointments and starting those healthy habits young.

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