Local liquor store seeing change in business amidst pandemic

Despite remaining open Habersham Beverage Warehouse hasn’t been immune to COVID impact

Local liquor store seeing change in business amidst pandemic

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - While many businesses were forced to shutdown at some point over the past few months, one that seemed to avoid it, were liquor stores.

Habersham Beverage Warehouse may be considered one of the lucky ones.

Able to keep their doors open throughout the pandemic.

But, owner/operator Bubba Rosenthal says, even they haven’t immune to its impact.

“It’s been difficult. We are really a small business, we have about 14 employees.”

Some of those employees choosing to stay home due to health concerns.

Which meant, “we had to cut our hours some,” said Rosenthal.

Cutting hours but still finding a way to meet what seemed to be a growing demand.

“A lot of customers, unfortunately, they’re not going out to eat,” Rosenthal said.

With bars closed and many restaurants still not at full capacity people are turning to liquor stores.

“Customers are coming in here now and buying dinner wines," says Rosenthal, "the cocktail business is really strong now for people making cocktails at home.”

But that’s not the only product flying off the shelves.

“We even sell hand sanitizer now. One of our brewers is making it.”

While business has been good for Habersham, Rosenthal wants to see everyone succeed

“Please start going out and supporting businesses.”

And he believes as restrictions are lifted, they will.

“People in the bars and restaurants they’re going to come back and they’re going to come back stronger than ever.”

A future we can all raise a glass to.

Employees at Habersham have been making bonus and hazard pay, something Rosenthal believes they all more than deserve and he is proud to be able to offer that.

He is hoping they will get back to their regular hours soon and hopefully start hiring again as well.

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