Mich. girl dreams up face mask for the tooth fairy

HOLLAND, Mich. (WXMI/CNN) - A seven-year-old girl in Michigan was concerned about the tooth fairy’s safety during the pandemic and came up with an idea to help protect her.

“The tooth fairy is just kind of a human with wings; a tiny little pixie human with wings, so can’t she get the coronavirus?” Evolette Westhouse proposed this question to her mom, Kayla Westhouse, after she lost her tooth a few weeks ago.

“I was pushing my 2-year-old cousin in the hammock. And she kicked me in the face while she was in the hammock, and that just got it going,” Evolette said. “And then I grabbed it and yanked on it. It took about three yanks to get it out.”

That night, before she put her tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy, Evolette voiced her concerns to her mom.

“She came up to me and said ‘Mom, will you please make me a mask for the tooth fairy?’” Westhouse said. “And I said, ‘I don’t think the tooth fairy can get coronavirus’ and Evolette said, “We don’t know that.’”

So, Westhouse did what moms do and stayed up late creating a tiny mask suitable for a pixie human with wings.

“I may have cut my fingers a few time, because it was so small,” Westhouse said. “… It was really hard ... I had to iron it quite a bit to get those little pleats in there, and make sure it could pop out and cover her nose and chin, no gaps.”

Once the mask was complete, it was time to deliver it along with Evolette’s tooth.

“Then, the next day we woke up and I had the mask ready, Evolette wrote her note to the tooth fairy, and that night we put it under the pillow,” Westhouse said.

The next day when Evolette woke up, she was rewarded a whole dollar for her thoughtful gift.

Evolette had been helping her mom make face masks for full-sized humans before this. Westhouse says she’s glad that her daughter has been responding well to all the recent conversations about germs and staying safe.

“It was nice to hear she was listening to those things … and have enough mindset to say, ‘Hey, I better make one for the tooth fairy. She’s going to get pretty close,’” Westhouse said.

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