Photos show apparent waterspout near Tybee Island

Photos show apparent waterspout near Tybee Island
A waterspout spotted near Tybee Island. (Source: Mack Kitchens)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Just after 10 a.m. a couple of non-severe thunderstorms developed over eastern Chatham County and moved eastward as part of a larger cluster of storms that was impacting the Savannah River area and Lowcountry.

An apparent waterspout developed along the leading edge of one of the storms; impacting the Chimney Creek areas of Tybee Island. Some dock furniture and a small boat were tossed into the creek as it passed by.

From the National Weather Service: “The exact definition of waterspout is debatable. In most cases, the term is reserved for small vortices over water that are not associated with storm-scale rotation (i.e., they are the water-based equivalent of landspouts)”

Other waterspouts were sighted just off of Tybee Island; over the Atlantic Ocean. A waterspout can form from nearly any developing shower or approaching thunderstorm near, or over, open water.

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