Beaufort National Cemetery cancels Memorial Day events

Beaufort National Cemetery cancels Memorial Day events

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - In the middle of Beaufort, 44 acres are set aside for 22,000 grave sites of veterans and their families.

On a normal Memorial Day celebration, each headstone would have a flag placed on it by various groups. Boy Scouts, churches, and local community centers section off the cemetery and make sure every single person is honored for their patriotic sacrifice.

On Memorial Day, a parade would be held. Going all around downtown and ending at the cemetery, where the Marine Corps band would join speeches and religious ceremonies honoring the dead.

But all of that is gone this year. The normally colorful graveyard is still beautiful but won’t have the extra splash of red white and blue. But despite the cancellation of these events, the cemetery director still hopes people will show their gratitude.

“The cemetery is open from dawn to dusk this weekend people are more than welcome to come out. We just asked if they recognize the social distancing and be aware of that. But you can come in, place flowers or flags for your loved ones or on the gravesites. You’re welcome,” Jeff Applegate said.

The cemetery director says even though its Memorial Day events are canceled, they still hope people will come out and show their respects to our veterans.

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