Good News: Parker’s donates masks to health care workers

Good News: Parker’s donates masks to health care workers

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The large box of masks arriving at Hospice Savannah was just part of a much larger contribution across the community.

“We thought about the thing we could do that would be the most important.”

Every Parker's store in Georgia and South Carolina stayed open during the health crisis. Greg Parker says only because of workers he considers more than essential. But as the situation continued, he and his company looked for a way to help those even closer to the situation.

“The bigger heroes are the people who are dealing with health care issues and there was a shortage of masks. And we import a lot of stuff from China, so we wanted to get the masks and bring them to the hospitals,” Parker said.

Paying six times the pre-pandemic price, Parker bought 7,000 masks and distributed them to emergency departments and health care facilities where Parker's stores are located. Those masks will serve a special purpose at Hospice Savannah.

“They're allowing them to get a little up close and personal, which is what these families need. They need eye contact to know someone is there at a very difficult time,” Hospice Savannah President/CEO Dr. Kathleen Benton said.

“It gets us through another week. And every week, every day, every hour, every minute counts. So, we're appreciative of their contribution,” Hospice Savannah Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sandra Gordon-Kolb said.

Parker's has given masks to six emergency departments - and has delivered food to healthcare workers as well - during a time when Greg Parker says it is important for people to come together and support each other.

"You think about post-9/11, people were just kinder and nicer. And that’s kind of what we see going on right now, people are kinder and nicer. They’re appreciative that the stores are open, that out kitchen workers are working, that we’re trying to do the things we can to supply the essential needs of our customers,” Parker said.

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