Statesboro Police cracking down on fake ID’s after bust

Statesboro Police cracking down on fake ID’s after bust

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Fake ID’s in a college town might be as old as underage drinking. But police say, this time, there’s a potential for much more trouble; even for the person buying them.

The cards might look legit, but police say these are just a sample of the cards they found when they raided a home where they were being made. Detectives say they found the cards and the materials - like hologram logos - to make them look real.

Police say what buyers wouldn't expect was that the card makers could turn around and use their info to open accounts and other kinds of fraud that could come back to hurt them.

“My picture is in your possession now. So, if sometime later you decide to reuse it for some other card or documentation, you can do it,” Statesboro Police Department Capt. Jared Akins said.

He says all it took was a few modifications to a standard printer to start churning out cards.

Akins said they have not filed charges on anyone in this case yet as they try to sort through how many people have been involved, and what exactly the charges are.

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