HHI airport seeing more travelers than in recent weeks

HHI airport seeing more travelers than in recent weeks

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) - Travel through an airport right now can be a tricky decision for some, but the director of the Hilton Head airport said they are seeing an uptick in travel after a few slow months.

“It was definitely more crowded today than it was two weeks ago. I fly all the time so, the plane was pretty full today,” Hilton Head native Melanie French said.

Travelers have started feeling comfortable.

“Probably 50 percent of people are kind of letting their guard down and the other 50 percent are still pretty crazy about it.”

“A little more comfort to it then I guess a couple weeks ago.”

“I’m not afraid… I’m not afraid of what’s going on,” traveler Francis Rossbauer said.

The director for the Hilton head airport says coronavirus had a huge impact.

“We went from full airplanes down to single digits of people getting on the airplanes,” director Jon Rembold said.

Early passenger numbers from this April show the airport had just about 6 percent of the travel they had in April of 2019. So far, the month of May had just over 10 percent of the business they had in May of 2019.

But things are starting to change.

“Most of the month of May has been picking up pretty consistently. So, we still have your flights over all them we had before this time of the year.”

Airlines are doing what they can to keep people safe.

“They gave sanitizing wipes and all that and, I guess they said they clean the flights before and all that.”

Including asking passengers to wear masks.

“Well I brought a mask if they make me put it on. But I won’t unless they make me.”

On today’s incoming flight everyone complied.

“Everyone’s all spaced out, had masks on.”

Despite some discomfort.

“Hard to breathe. “

“Um, Well, I don’t really like wearing it but I kind of have to.”

Because in such close quarters, they want to keep each other safe.

“Because there’s coronavirus and everyone has to wear them because you don’t want to spread sickness!”

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