Beach-goers fill Hilton Head ahead of Memorial Day

Beach-goers fill Hilton Head ahead of Memorial Day

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) -Ceremonies and celebrations happened all over South Carolina and Georgia on Saturday.

This as many headed to the beaches for the first major holiday following the easing of restrictions barring the public from accessing beaches.

Those at Coligny Beach said it was the most crowded they’ve ever seen the beach. Traffic heading out to the beach was at a standstill.

Many people say it didn’t seem like a scene they would expect to see during a pandemic, with social distancing almost non-existent. One person said it took a long time to find a spot on the beach far enough away from other people, other than his family, but he was able to maintain distance to stay safe.

“It almost seems like no one is paying a single thing," said John Jenkins, who was on the beach. "No one is paying attention to all of the COVID and everything. It’s almost busier now just because of the fact that everyone has been stuck in their homes.”

“People did keep their distance," said Steve Shapiro. "Groups were together, but people that didn’t know each other, just like us, we stayed easily 10-12 feet apart.”

Beaches are expected to be just as crowded for the rest of the weekend. If you are planning on heading here to Hilton Head, allow yourself extra time.

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