Richmond Hill senior living facility builds visiting booth for residents

Richmond Hill senior living facility builds visiting booth for residents

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - For residents at the Station Exchange in Richmond Hill, they say this is the first time they’ve been able to see their loved ones. Even if it’s through a shield of plastic, they say it feels much better than just having a conversation over the phone.

As staff members put the finishing touches on a visiting booth that's ultimately just a square with plastic. It's much more than that for residents at the Station Exchange who haven't seen their friends and family since the pandemic started.

"Well, when they started building it I thought what on Earth is that, it looked a lot like a chicken booth and then I found out it was visiting booth so we can visit with our family,” Exchange resident Mary Alice said.

For 83-year-old Mary Alice and 93-year-old Bill Warnock, the only communication they've had with their close friends Patsy and Frank Goodwin, has been over the phone or through a glass window.

"It's really nice to be able to see them because you worry about them inside and at least we can see them, I would still like to hug them, but we are able to see them,” Godwin said.

So now conversations they were having over the phone can now be said in person.

"We've been good friends for a long time, Bill and Mary Alice have meant a lot to us over the years and it was hard not being able to come visit them because we would do that almost on a weekly basis,” Godwin said.

"I had one of my grandsons and his family with me yesterday and two little great-grandsons came, and I enjoyed all of that,” Warnock said.

Putting both the Goodwin's, Warnock, and Mary Alice at ease knowing everyone is doing just fine.

"What you will see with your seniors when they can’t see their family and friends is a lot of depression and we started seeing a lot of changes that way, so we needed to come up with a creative way that would help them through this,” Station Exchange Director Doris Purser said.

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