ATV, scooter sales surge during pandemic

ATV, scooter sales surge during pandemic

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - While some businesses have struggled due to the health crisis, for those selling recreational sport vehicles like four wheelers and go-karts, business has been booming.

“Our four wheeler sales, ATVs, 110s, 125s, we’ve sold them literally as fast as we can put them together. It’s been crazy," said Billy Campbell, owner of Hawg Scooters.

Billy Campbell is the owner of Hawg Scooters in midtown Savannah.

He says recreational sport vehicle sales are up and he's grateful to be in business during this time.

"We’ve been really thankful but we really have tried to use this moment to kind of move forward into the future.”

Campbell says stock in the U.S. is depleted and some products are gone within two to three weeks so they try to stock up when they can.

He also says parents getting four wheelers or dirt bikes usually buy them at the beginning of the summer and Christmas, but now, that's changed.

“What we’ve seen now, is that people are getting them for their birthday that is in two months from now and stuff like that, just going ahead and doing it."

He even gets messages daily asking about different products and sales.

Campbell says it's exciting to be able to bring a smile to someone else's face during this time.

“Every time that a kid comes, and he sits on that four wheeler and that’s the one that he tells mom or dad or grandma or whoever, this is the one I want and then they get it, we load it up, I mean it’s just bright as it can be . Their face shines like the sun, so you get this bit of happiness with every single one of those sales it really triples down on everything else that’s happening and it makes it all not worthwhile but it’s exciting to be here.”

Campbell also says they’ve been able to hire people who were out of work because of the health crisis and bring more customers to their business as well.

Scooter sales are also up.

The owner says customers are using their stimulus checks to buy scooters to help them get around quicker instead of using the bus.

The business allows people to bring in their bus pass and they give customers double the price of it, off of a scooter.

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