Tybee business opens amidst pandemic

Tybee business opens amidst pandemic

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) - While many businesses are doing what they can to not close, one business took a leap of faith and opened their new store amidst the pandemic.

The Irritable Pelican Artisan Gallery was ready to open in March. After having to cancel the opening, the owner says they decided when things started to open back up on Tybee Island, it was their time to open.

Sarah Bernzott and her husband opened the gallery six days ago. She says they decided to open now because foot traffic would be slow, and they could work out the kinks of a new business.

Bernzott said opening right now has had several inconveniences such as the price of equipment she needed skyrocketing. However, Bernzott says she's seen the best of the Tybee community, helping support her new business.

"Am I making the right choice? Am I doing the right thing? The moment I took that first step, I knew we were doing the right thing. It has been very positive. We wanted to have time to get things in place so that when we allowed people to come in that they could come in safely,” Bernzott said.

After this weekend, Bernzott says she will have about 28 artists featured in the store. She says of the money that goes into the business, more than 85 percent of it goes back into Tybee Island in some shape or form.

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