How to introduce a new dog to other pets

How to introduce a new dog to other pets

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Many of you have turned to adopting a new furry and four-legged friend to help out with the loneliness and stress of the pandemic. However, that requires some adjustment for you, your new dog, and everybody else in the home.

The experts from the Palmetto Animal League for their advice with introducing your new dog to pets you already have. They suggest that before you even adopt an additional dog, you bring the dog you already have to the rescue organization you plan on adopting from so that the staff there can determine if they would be compatible.

“When you get home, it’s important to go on a nice long walk with both dogs before they get to smell,” said Natalie Marick, a trainer with Palmetto Animal League.

Marick says it’s really important to keep your dog on a leash when you’re introducing him or her to another animal in the house. We also asked her how to introduce your dog to your children. She says its important for your kids to be calm and seated criss-cross applesauce when they first meet the dog.

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