In-person mass resumes Sunday in Ga. under new procedures

In-person mass resumes Sunday in Ga. under new procedures

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It will be a big weekend for many Catholic churches as they prepare to resume in-person mass. But the worship experience will look a little different.

Churches want to do their part to keep people safe against COVID-19 so they are implementing new procedures for mass.

Normally, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in downtown Savannah would hold around 1,000 people. This weekend, the church plans to only seat around 200 people.

The church says they’re excited to begin in-person mass again. This past Monday, the church started allowing people to come in for daily mass and prayer. They say it’s been going very well, so they’re looking forward to this weekend.

Parishioners are encouraged to wear a face mask during mass. They’re also asking you to sit six feet apart from other groups on your pew.

Although it may not be a full church, the Cathedral says they’re happy to allow people back in. However, at the end of mass, attendees are asked to stay seated and the ushers will come to get them.

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