Savannah Mayor addresses Sunday night curfew

Savannah Mayor addresses Sunday night curfew

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Savannah Mayor Van Johnson has issued a curfew beginning at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday evening. The curfew order will be lifted at 7 a.m. and will be implemented as seen fit in the coming days.

“We have experienced a great day of peaceful demonstrations, necessary dialogue, unity and solidarity,” said Mayor Johnson. “We want to continue to ensure the safety of our citizens, visitors and the protection of property. This is an uncomfortable, but necessary step in making that happen.”

The City of Savannah showed that a peaceful protest could happen on Sunday, with Mayor Van Johnson saying he pleased with the event.

As the evening went on, Johnson says he doesn’t want to take any chances for anyone to hurt the city, as he cited reports of potential threats.

“Some on social media and then some from contacts that I have in other cities that might have indicated that we have folks that were coming here from other places,” he said.

Johnson says the curfew will last until he feels there are no more credible threats toward the city.

The mayor understands people have jobs they need to go to and from. He says as long as you are doing something “justifiable,” you have nothing to worry about.

"For those who have nefarious intentions, expect to be questioned."

While a curfew may upset some, Johnson says this is one way to keep the city safe. This is in addition to the several law enforcement agencies stationed all across Savannah.

“All corners of our city are equally important,” he said.

While Savannah may wake up still emotional on Monday, Johnson hopes today is the start of change.

“That’s how we make today not a moment anymore, we make it into a movement.”

At the time the curfew went in place at 8:30, Johnson said only one person was arrested, for throwing a brick at a police vehicle. As the evening has gone on, seen law enforcement has responded to several areas around downtown. Police are expected to provide an update on any other arrests tomorrow.

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