Parents take precautions as children head back to summer camp during pandemic

Parents take precautions as children head back to summer camp during pandemic

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Monday is the day many children will be starting their first day of summer camp, and if you’re a parent a little hesitant to send them, you’re not alone.

While the coronavirus pandemic has yet to loosen its grip on the nation, there are steps you can take to protect your child and family this summer.

“I encourage my patient’s moms and dads to ask a lot of questions to daycares and camps,” said Dr. Brandy Gheesling with Pediatric Associates of Savannah. "You want to ask what are they doing to screen people. At daycare and camp, they should be screening every day, asking those questions: any exposure to COVID? Any symptoms of COVID, cough, or runny nose? do they have a fever?

Dr. Gheesling says temperatures need to be checked every day.

“Make sure they’re doing social distancing as much as possible, outside much better than inside,” she says. “Outside camps would be preferred to inside. Try to keep kids six feet apart if at all possible.”

Another thing to look for is splitting kids into groups.

“It’s better if the same group of kids stay together all day long with the same teacher,” says Dr. Gheesling. “Don’t want to be mixing and mingling groups.”

She says children over the age of two need to be wearing masks as much as possible.

If they wake up no fever and don’t feel well, contact your pediatrician and don’t let your child go to camp or daycare that day.

Lastly, Dr. Gheesling says it’s most important to remember to keep talking to your child.

“It does start at home,” she says. “I encourage parents to have regular conversations with their children, talk to them about the virus, explain as much as you can in their terms, educate them on proper handwashing.”

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