Wildcat kicker takes advantage of distancing

Williams hopes to gather college offers despite pandemic

Social distancing affecting kickers differently

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) -Richmond Hill’s Britton Williams isn’t letting the COVID-19 pandemic stop him.

While social distancing has forced a minor off-season for many athletes, not much has changed for kickers like Williams.

“Not a real difference. I’m kind of used to this," he says. "I’m one of the fortunate ones.”

An all-region selection in 2019, Williams is taking advantage of his distanced dynamic to be even better in 2020.

“I’m out here to be the best I can, help my team to a championship," Williams says. "On the individual scale, I want to be one of the best guys, if not the best guy in the country.”

He heads to Richmond Hill’s Henderson Park every other day, going through his own workout with some occasional modifications.

“It’s not always about just working yourself to death, sometimes you have to let yourself have some fun,” he laughs.

Richmond Hill's Britton Williams says social distancing doesn't impact his workouts that much.
Richmond Hill's Britton Williams says social distancing doesn't impact his workouts that much. (Source: WTOC)

He’s considered one of the best high school kickers in the country, but Williams says he’s yet to receive a college offer. That’s one reason he’s out here almost every day, getting his kicks in.

The workouts will help him improve, but also serve a secondary purpose.

“Not being able to go to the summer camps, not being able to get in front of the college coaches, that’s why I’m filming myself so much, you know?” he notes.

Williams hopes recording his sessions and the power of social media will help catch the eye of a college scout, and eventually lead to the opportunity he’s been working for.

“I just want to play football at the next level. Whether it’s D-III, D-II, or D-I, I just want a chance to play football," Williams says. "That’s the biggest thing for me.”

Another season like 2019 and continued work, that’s likely going to happen. But Williams isn’t taking any chances.

So for now, the isolated workouts continue until Williams gets the call he’s been waiting for.

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