Volunteers helping build structure in Statesboro for Seventh Mile Farm

Volunteers helping build structure in Statesboro for Seventh Mile Farm

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Most of these volunteers had never heard of Statesboro a month ago. But they’re here now, helping turn a local group’s hopes and prayers into progress toward a goal.

Builders moved with the speed of a group that's worked together for decades. The group called "Builders for Christ" pick a faith-based project every summer and send teams for each stage of construction.

Three weeks ago, they were scheduled for a church in Alabama until their project hit a snag. The next day, Seventh Mile Farm contacted them in hopes of getting on the waiting list.

“I said ‘how does three weeks sound?’ And of course, Chris said ‘what????’ I replied that we had just had a cancelation,” said Bobby Lunceford, with Builders for Chirst.

Seventh Mile Farm works with parents of foster kids and children with special needs to give them a place to enjoy the outdoors and connect with each other. Founder Chris Yaughn says they acquired an old building frame with a hope in mind.

“We told ourselves that, one day, it would become the dining hall for Seventh Mile Farm. That was three years ago. Today, we're looking at the day that we called out then as one day,” Yaugh said.

He got the materials together on short notice to be ready for the labor. Lunceford says they've stayed as safe as possible during the pandemic because they stay in their own RV's, test temperatures daily and limit their access to the outside world. It also helps them focus on their goal of leaving progress behind at the end of the week.

Obviously, they won’t finish the whole building this week. But through the summer, other teams that do interiors and finishing work will visit to help make this a reality.

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