Hunting Island prepared for potential hurricanes

Hunting Island prepared for potential hurricanes
Sand dunes on Hunting Island. (Source: WTOC)

HUNTING ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) - Hurricane season is here and Hunting Island is trying to make sure they are as prepared as possible before any storms arrive.

Over 100 campers have started their summer on Hunting Island.

“It was so beautiful, I’ll tell you, when we first come out here,” visitor Johnny White said.

But the state park looks a bit different since last September’s storm.

“That hurricane took out half the island it looks like. And they readjusted everything.”

Now, the island is still making sure it is ready for the next few hurricanes.

“We are finished with our beach re-nourishment. That was a project that was supposed to happen in 2016. Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Florence delayed a lot of that. So, we have about two miles of sand dunes now,” Park Manager J.W. Weatherford said.

The park will follow its traditional hurricane plan. But they are also rebuilding dunes and buildings.

“Well, we also, before the end of this month is over, will be planting about 100,000 plants in the sand dunes.”

Another issue is the hundreds of trees that hurricanes have taken down.

“The bad news, good news is that we’ve had several hurricanes since Hurricane Matthew in 2016. The good news with that is most of the weaker trees that can come down in a hurricane have already come down.”

They say they have taken care of any trees still considered hazardous, and say the island is safe for campers all season as long as they pay attention.

“When it gets close, usually within a couple of days, that’s when we are really in constant contact with our campers.”

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