Trauma doctors urge safety as warm weather increases outside activity

Trauma doctors urge safety as warm weather increases outside activity
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - COVID-19 has impacted several things at Memorial Health. Trauma doctors say they have seen just as many cases and are urging caution this summer.

"We still see the same number of injuries. It's just the types of injury have changed,” Chief of Trauma & Surgical Critical Care Dr. James Dunne said.

With fewer people out, trauma leaders saw fewer car accidents, but more shootings and stabbings. They also know with the lessening of restriction and summer activities beginning more traumas are likely.

They urge families to be smart this summer whether swimming, boating or riding ATV's. They say diving injuries, the mixture of boating and alcohol and head traumas from ATV's can cause significant damage and want you to follow the proper safety protocol. Using a helmet, knowing water conditions and more.

While they want people to be cautious, they say coming to the hospital is safe and one of the worst things you can do in a trauma situation is not get proper care. They stand by ready to respond.

"Being a level one trauma center, we're required to have a dedicated team in house that is doing nothing but waiting for those people to come through the door. We have a dedicated operating room that sits empty until those patients need that operating room. We have dedicated sub specialist here so we're well prepared and well equip to take care of even the most critically injured patients,” Dr. Dunne said.

While doctors want you to have fun this summer, they say it’s important you recognize the risks and are safe to ensure it continues to be a good time.

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