Tybee art gallery owners push for more creativity on the island

Tybee pushes for more public art

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) - Your future beach trips could soon include more art. Several art gallery owners on Tybee Island want to bring more creativity to the island.

A lot of artists draw inspiration from the beach. Several art gallery owners on Tybee say if you open your eyes you’ll see that the island features a lot of art. For example, the painted sea turtles that have become popular with tourists and residents.

The owners of the Irritable Pelican Art Gallery and Tybee Cottage Art are teaming up in hopes of bringing more creative attractions to the island.

Both galleries feature numerous local artists as well as some from nearby spots like Effingham County. The gallery owners say they want to try to get more people to stop in, not necessarily to purchase an art piece but to just browse and reflect on the artwork. They also hope to teach people about art.

"I love to teach art to children, donate my time, help a creative soul or maybe someone who doesn’t think they have one. I think everyone has one, it’s just not a muscle we flex all the time,” said Crystal Travaille, Owner of Tybee Cottage Art.

The owners of the Irritable Pelican say they plan to offer classes for both adults and children sometime in the near future. They’ve only been open for nine days but say you can stay updated through their Facebook page by clicking here.

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