League of Brawn hopes momentum of change continues at the polls

League of Brawn hopes momentum of change continues at the polls

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Since George Floyd’s death on Memorial Day, protests have rung out across the country for justice. Even several peaceful events right here in the Coastal Empire.

At the front on the protest in Savannah was the organization League of Brawn. They want to see the momentum continue and bring change.

“Let’s use the movement and let’s say, hey for once let’s truly do something absolutely amazing and make change where it’s going to benefit everybody,” said Justin West, executive director for League of Brawn.

Sunday thousands turned out in Downtown Savannah to protest against racism and police brutality. Among them were men from the League of Brawn. They actively work to grow and develop men into leaders doing so alongside city leaders like the police chief and mayor. They say protests are great to raise our voices, but they must be paired with action.

“We need to have this exact same energy when nothing is actually happening because that’s how we actually make change,” said West.

League of Brawn leaders say they know one voice can make a difference and it should be evident at the polls on Tuesday.

“That is a right that was earned, we have to utilize it,” explained Justin West, executive director with the League of Brawn. “If you want to make change you have to make sure that you are putting the right people in office who can actually go out there and go after what it is you are trying to achieve.”

West say voting is just the first step. It’s also important to join organizations who are working to bring the change you want to see. They believe that one spark can light fire that will inspire this community.

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