Mars Theatre reopens to the public

Friday the historic theatre began showing movies to limited audiences

Mars Theatre reopens to the public

SPRINGFIELD, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s been quite a long intermission for the Mars Theatre in downtown Springfield.

The stage, the screen and the theatre itself empty for months. But theatre director Allison Newberry believes now is the time to give the people what they want.

“Well, we felt that people are ready to get out and with the right precautions we thought we could provide a service people were so desperately wanting.”

Of course, to do that means they’ve had to make some changes. Cutting capacity from 240 down to 60.

Purchasing tickets and concession will now be done at the box office window. Staff will be in mask and gloves.

Maybe most importantly, Newberry says you’ll now be asked to sign a waiver.

“That’s going to help with contact tracing. So, if anyone were to somehow come back and say, ‘I tested positive and I was at the movies this weekend.’ We can let people know, ‘Hey you may have run into a risk,’” said Newberry.

Another hurdle to clear, Hollywood isn’t putting out any new movies right now. So instead.

“We’re going to be showing summer blockbusters. Blockbusters that were big in the summers of their respective years,” says Newberry.

Jurassic Park, ET, Back to the Future and Jaws returning to the big screen.

For fans of the Mars, like Ricky Deas, it’s an experience worth well more than the price of admission.

“You can actually get popcorn and Coke and watch a movie for less than $11,” chuckled Deas.

While many have missed getting to see movies on the big screen Newberry says their decision to open had a lot to do with what they’ve missed seeing as well.

“We miss seeing everyone. This is a local theatre and a lot of local faces and we’re used to seeing a lot of regulars and we’ve missed seeing everyone.”

Right now the Mars will only be showing movies Friday and Saturday nights at 7 p.m.

“I Still Believe” is showing Friday and Saturday.

Next weekend they kickoff the summer blockbuster series with Jurassic Park.

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