City of Savannah working to improve some busy streets

Resurfacing plan for the city of Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Your commute may get a lot smoother in Savannah. The city is working on improving its infrastructure by resurfacing some busy streets.

If you travel on Habersham Street right now, you’ll notice a better drive along several portions of the road. That’s because crews recently resurfaced several sections of the street that needed major improvements.

In 2018, the prior city council gave final approval for a company called RoadBotics to complete their assessment of the city's 700 miles of roadway. The company used technology to collect data to see what roads needed improvements the most.

Just a few weeks ago, crews started work on the streets that needed resurfacing the most, including Habersham Street. So far, the resurfaced portions have a new foundation, including the area near Habersham Woods and 55th Street to Columbus Drive. WTOC also spotted crews working on Mohawk Street near Middleground Road.

“We are seeing an increasing effort in these challenging times, to get back to basic infrastructure, to take care of our city of Savannah,” said Alderman Nick Palumbo, District 4.

The city of Savannah says it would like to have its streets on a 20-year resurfacing rotation by 2022.

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