Garden City Police Officer gets bike for commuting worker

Garden City Police Officer gets bike for commuting worker

GARDEN CITY, Ga. (WTOC) - The commute to work can be a pain for some, maybe it’s traffic or a train. But for Wanda Wells, it’s a long trek.

Or was a long trek until a Garden City Police officer noticed.

It was a normal night patrol for Sgt. Green with the Garden City Police Department. He noticed a woman walking along the side of the road and stopped.

“This is where her and I first met. Right here at the bus stop,” said Sgt. Phillip Green.

This stop at 307 and 17 is surrounded by heavy traffic and little light at night. But this is where Wanda Wells catches a bus to take her to her job at Wendy’s on Ogeechee. It’s a long trip.

“I would say about two to three hours tops,” said Wells.

It’s typically in the middle of the night Wanda starts her walk from Garden City. That’s when Sgt. Green saw her.

“She always had a flashlight in her right hand and when you were coming down the road you could tell it was her,” said Sgt. Green.

Sgt. Green learned after talking to Wanda she didn’t have any transportation. He asked if she could ride a bike and then was determined to find her one. Councilmember Kicklighter donated a bike and Sgt. Green fixed it up just for Wanda and gave it to her Friday.

“A pleasant surprise cause absolutely I hadn’t rode a bicycle in a while,” said Wells.

While it was a single act caught on camera, Sgt. Green says things like this happen often behind the scenes. He says despite police and community tensions nationwide, this shows their heart for this community.

“It shows that we are out here doing what we are supposed to be doing. You know, it’s unfortunate that we all get put in the same bucket so to speak and you know the thing is we just got to continue doing what we know is right and just for the people of Garden City," said Sgt. Green.

While Wanda isn’t ready to ride her bike to work just yet, she is thankful for the GCPD’s heart.

“Thank you, I appreciate it very much and I love it.”

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