Beaufort Co. school construction still on schedule

Beaufort Co. school construction still on schedule

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Beaufort County bond referendum money is in use at River Ridge. They are just a few months away from cleaning their three wings.

“Things are going well. We are scheduled to turn over both these wings at the start of the school year in August,” said Chris Pettit, with Kahn Construction.

1,600 rooms are being added to River Ridge Academy. Even more at May River. It’s all part of Beaufort County’s more than $300 million bond referendum.

“You have to maintain the schedule. By maintaining the schedule, you maintain the budget,” Oversight Committee Chairman Ted Barber said.

The oversight committee for the referendum was concerned when COVID-19 broke out. But the construction team in charge worked proactively to prepare

“Making sure that anything long need item. We went ahead and pulled the trigger.”

Maintaining social distancing.

“Every morning the subs, our guys, they are assigned to work groups. And the whole week they are only allowed to work within that group.”

And preparing for the worst.

“That way if we ever did have an incident occur, we can isolate in quarantine just that group and not affect the entire job site.”

They have kept that work ethic going at May River. Which will not be completed for a while. ”May River is going to be a little bit of a longer project.”

The two story expansion is expected to be completed in January. “We are adding a lot of capacity with this building.” Which allowed both projects to stay under the budget. Both schools are expected to cost a total of $21 million; just six percent of the total budget.

The entirety of the bond referendum will take 3 to 4 years to complete but they say in that time the council will continue to work to make sure they are under budget and on time.

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