Beaufort County School District calendar finalized

Beaufort County School District calendar finalized

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Now that the Beaufort County School District has decided on a calendar for next year, they are looking at how that calendar is going to be impacted by COVID-19 and parent feedback.

Students will be going back to school in Beaufort County on Aug. 17. That is, if they are able to go back at all. The school district said they settled on a calendar to allow parents, teachers, and extracurricular activities to start planning for “life as normal.”

“What we are looking for is the opportunity to plan. In order to meet academic needs for our students. And I have some options within those plans in order to make sure that we are meeting the needs of students,” Superintendent Frank Rodriquez said.

However, they are aware COVID-19 could still be an issue in August. To get a better understanding of county parents’ feelings on going back, they created a conversation for parents to get feedback. 4,000 responses and 185,000 total interactions later, the district says the results are 50-50

“But it is a very polarized issue. It is just about 50-50. It is remarkable with 185,000 interactions that it is about 50-50.”

They say they will use the information gained from this conversation, which closes Wednesday at midnight, to create alternative plans for the school year.

“We are going to use that in our planning process. That feedback, in order to make sure we are hitting on the right types of options for our academic program, for operational and logistics options of re-opening schools.”

The county still believes choosing a set calendar was important despite these uncertainties.

Next year‘s calendar isn’t much different from this year‘s calendar, except for the fact that students will be off on November 3 for the General Election.

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