Food drive in Richmond Hill also helps local restaurants

Food drive in Richmond Hill also helps local restaurants

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - The Way Station in Richmond Hill is just one of the food pantries partnering with the Downtown Development Authority to not only help support local businesses amid the pandemic, but to help provide food to families in need.

After being closed for months or in some cases only doing curbside amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants in Richmond Hill took a big hit. That's why the Downtown Development Authority decided to pitch in $34,000 meant to benefit not only the restaurants, but their customers as well.

"We knew our restaurants very badly need support, we have 34 restaurants in Richmond Hill, so we gave $1,000 to each restaurant in exchange for they gave us 40 twenty dollar gift certificates each which served as a microloan,” Downtown Development Authority Chairman Georgene Brazer said.

As a part of that loan, they along with a few other food pantries will hold a drive-thru food drive for people to donate at least 10 canned goods and other food items and in return receive one of those prepaid gift cards.

The food pantry directors say hunger in the area is something that didn't just start during the pandemic.

"There was a need for this before the pandemic so we are just thankful to be able to partner with the downtown development authority and Eleos to be able to help give back to those in the community that need it,” Emily Baum, with the Way Station, said.

They say those who donate will help a family not have to decide on feeding their family or paying a bill.

"We seem to average about 75 families a month which ends up being around 250 people and usually around 100 people a month are children under 18,” Dana Cuson, with The Way Station, said.

The drive-thru food drive will be held June 25 from 4 until 7 p.m. Ten canned goods or other food related items in exchange for a $25 gift card to a local restaurant.

Some of the highly recommended items include canned vegetables, canned fruits, raviolis, soups, rice, cereal and pastas.

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