Guyton teen pays-it-forward giving big check to school employee

The employee, who recently lost one of her two jobs, also took the teen into her home during pandemic

Guyton teen pays-it-forward giving big check to school employee

GUYTON, Ga. (WTOC) - South Effingham High School senior Lillie Cuatt and bus driver/lunch lady Tina Weimer have a special bond.

“I might not have given birth to her but she’s still mine,” said Weimer of Lillie.

See, Weimer is the mother of Lillie’s best friend. But for the last three months, she’s also taken Lillie into her home, full-time.

A decision that was made when the pandemic first began because Lillie's mother is immunocompromised.

“Yeah, she has selective immunoglobulin deficiency A,” said Lillie.

A generous thing for Tina to offer, especially considering this single mother of two was now down to just one job.

But it was that generosity that came to mind when Lillie saw an ad for an organization called "Ving" which was giving out money to deserving people in need.

So, Lillie applied.

“I just didn’t think much of it. I just submitted it.”

Then to her utter shock.

“They just got back to me and was like, ‘Hey, you won.’ And I was like, ‘What?’”

Then about a month later.

“A big truck pulled into my driveway,” said Weimer.

Lillie and Tina’s daughters claiming it was a backpack they had ordered online. But when they came back inside.

“Lillie sits in-front of me on the coffee table and she told me, ‘Well, I did this thing.’ Then she started crying,'” Weimer says.

“You got a thousand dollars in there,” Lillie explained through tears in a video recorded of the moment, “I put your name down because you do so much for me.”

The two embracing. Sharing in a moment neither thought possible.

But at the same time for Weimer, she wasn’t all that surprised.

“It’s not completely unexpected for her to do something like that. That’s just where her heart’s at.”

As for what this money means.

“You know, it just takes a lot of the worry away from a single mom, you know, who’s always on a budget,” said Weimer.

A budget that may now have a little more wiggle room, but a family that is tighter than ever.

As a bus driver and lunch lady with the school district, Weimer has spent much of her time over the past few months delivering food to students in Effingham County. A job that certainly seems to fit her giving heart perfectly.

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